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Saturday, August 31, 2002

Super Monkey Ball

News on the video game front: I just bought Super Monkey Ball 2 (for the GameCube). While there are a few changes I don't like from the original, the new stuff that I do like makes up for that and more. This game is loads of fun. Unfortunately, I haven't unlocked all the new modes. That's going to take a bit of time, which may be my only serious complaint. I wanna play them all now, dammit! Also, due to Mario Sunshine coming out at the same time, which Jason Love bought, access to the GameCube is occasionaly hard to come across.

In other, somewhat gaming related even, news, I plan on working on a java applet version of a card game I invented, Clubs. Since I haven't done any real work on it yet, dont' expect it anytime soon. I'll announce when it's done. However, if anyone wanted to help on the graphics portion of this game, especially the cards (either picture files for each card, or Java code to draw the cards), let me know.