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created by Stephen Duncan Jr, Devin Flavin, with others
Deck: 54 cards (two jokers)
Object: To finish with the least amount of points.
Players: 3

Rules: All the cards all dealt. Each player passes two cards to each of the other players. Player holding the Queen of Spades starts the play by laying it down. Play continues clockwise, each player must lay down a card of the suit lead, if they have a card of that suit, or, if not, they may play any card they wish. The player with the lowest card value, or who plays a joker or trump card, takes the hand and sets all the cards played in that hand aside. The King, Queen, and Jack of Clubs are trump cards, unless Clubs have been lead. Jokers have lowest value (take the hand), unless hearts is lead or they are lead, in which case they have the highest value (do not take hand). Clubs may only be lead once broken (played in another hand). Play continues until all cards have been played. Then point totals of all cards taken in the hands won are added. Points are distributed as follows: each diamond is worth 1 point. The 3 of Spades is worth 3 points. The 10 of Hearts is worth 10 points. If any player takes all 26 points, he earns 0 points, and the other two players earn 26 points themselves.