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Saturday, August 31, 2002

Super Monkey Ball

News on the video game front: I just bought Super Monkey Ball 2 (for the GameCube). While there are a few changes I don't like from the original, the new stuff that I do like makes up for that and more. This game is loads of fun. Unfortunately, I haven't unlocked all the new modes. That's going to take a bit of time, which may be my only serious complaint. I wanna play them all now, dammit! Also, due to Mario Sunshine coming out at the same time, which Jason Love bought, access to the GameCube is occasionaly hard to come across.

In other, somewhat gaming related even, news, I plan on working on a java applet version of a card game I invented, Clubs. Since I haven't done any real work on it yet, dont' expect it anytime soon. I'll announce when it's done. However, if anyone wanted to help on the graphics portion of this game, especially the cards (either picture files for each card, or Java code to draw the cards), let me know.

Thursday, August 8, 2002


Here's my schedule for next semester. I'm done every day at 12:20. Not too bad (except for 8:00 classes Tuesday and Thursday).

       Crdt                             Time Time Meet             
 Line#  Hrs Course   Title              Beg  End  Day     Room Bldg
 ===== ==== ======== ================== ==== ==== ======= ==== ====
 44902  3.0 PHIL 375 MORAL ISSU CMP TEC 0930 1020 M W F   4008 WES 
 66628  3.0 EECS 663 INTRO COMM NETWORK 0800 0920  T R    120  SNOW
 66508  3.0 EECS 541 COMP SYS DSGN LB I 1100 1220  T R    1046 LEA 
 66604  3.0 EECS 645 COMPTR ARCHTECTURE 0930 1050  T R    2001 MAL 
 66328  3.0 EECS 444 CONTROL SYSTEMS    1130 1220 M W F   1014 LEA 

Senior Year Abode

As you can tell, I haven't done anything on the webpage this summer. I've been busy working. I've got a week left to go. It's been good. It pays extremely well, I'm getting good experience for my career, and it's been enjoyable, and most of the time not too difficult. But it really has been most of my activity. Haven't played much in the way of video games, although Diane and I have developed a small addiction to The Sims. Anyhow, I should be leaving Virginia a week from Saturday and therefore end up in Lawrence Sunday night. The apartment I will be living at for my senior year (with Diane, Jason, and Rorik) is South Pointe apartements:

2200 West 26th St. Apt. B12
Lawrence KS 66047

In case you wanted to know.


This might not be the best place to announce this, since I don't know if anyone reads it. Plus it's a little late. But for the records, at least: On July 17, 2002 I asked Diane Godfrey to marry me and she said yes. So there you go, I'm engaged. Current plans are for getting married December 25, 2003.