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Monday, May 30, 2005

Spurs Vs Suns, Games 1-3

I still really don't know what to say about the San Antonio Spurs impressive success against the Phoenix Suns in the first three games of the Western Conference Finals. While I thought we matched up well against the Suns, and am not suprised by their success, it hasn't gone quite how I expected.

The first two games, in Phoenix, the Spurs won both games both by playing almost perfect fourth-quarters. They shot something like 70% in the 4th quarter of both games, including over 50% from 3 pt. range in both games. Additionally, the defense wasn't very good, as both Stoudemire and Nash scored easily. But, still, the Spurs won on the road.

In game 3, the Spurs won more the way I expected. They held the Suns to just 10 points in the 2nd quarter. However, the Spurs had a large lead, and ended up letting the Suns get closer in the 4th quarter. But again, the Spurs won. The Spurs have played extremely well offensively, and while they haven't been able to blow-out the Suns, they do have a 3-0 series lead, which is even better. Hopefully they'll get the sweep on Monday, and give everyone plenty of rest before facing either Miami or Detroit in the finals.