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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Next Generation Video Game Systems

Well, there's been a lot of news about the next generation video game systems coming out frome the E3 event. Honestly, I'm having a hard time following it all. Nintendo obviously intends to wait and tell us more later. Nintendo creates 1st party games that appeal to me so much more than the stuff that gets published on PlayStation or XBox, so I'll almost certainly get a Nintendo Revolution when it comes out. I've owned a Super Nintendo and a Nintendo Gamecube, as well as a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP. The only non-Nintendo system I've owned was a Sega Gamegear.

But, as I now have the financial resources to get more game systems, I'm very likely to branch out to another system. So, will it be the XBox 360, or the PlayStation 3? It's interesting, the buzz I hear seems to be more around the PlayStation, but what I've actually seen myself has me more excited about the XBox. Maybe it's just because the advantages of the XBox will likely complement the advantages of the Nintendo Revolution, while the PS3 benefits will overlap more. The integrated services concept of the XBox is very appealing.

Most importantly, Microsoft's XBox is doing a better job of advertising to me: by blogging. I can get detailed info straight from the source from Sure, when it comes to comparing with the PS3, it's bound to be biased. But I get to hear their side. Sony needs to do a better job of getting information to me if they want me to buy a PS3; right now I have to actively seek info on their console, and I still can't find information as easily as I can about the XBox.

Of course, there's plenty of time still for more information to come out. It'll be an interesting and exciting time for console gaming. I'm looking forward to it.