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Monday, May 2, 2005


Just wanted to post about this while I remembered: you gotta love the classiness of the Denver Nuggets fans. For the second game in a row they get an extremely audible chant of "bull-shit" going. I don't recall for sure if they had any cause in Game 3. However, in Game 4, they are completely wrong. It wasn't even close: Nene was clearly not in position to get a charge called.

Also, the refereeing at the end of the Dallas-Houston game was quite bad, in that they missed two very big calls. I've got no preference between these two teams, but Houston was hurt pretty bad by: the missed call with Finley getting the steal from out-of-bounds, and the phantom foul call when the Rockets were trying to trap at the end of the game. A shame to mar a tight game with officiating mistakes.