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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Democratic Leadership?

"How can you call yourself a political party?". Ann Althouse provides an excerpt from last night's Hardball.

MATTHEWS: Yes. Well, that's why you're losing. Why you're losing. now is, you can't even point to your leaders.

At least George Bush is the leader of the Republican Party.

GOODMAN: It's not about my leaders. It's about...

To be fair, reading the whole thing, it's more about Goodman's silly desire to appear on a show like Hardball and try to stay on their talking points than necessarily an inability for anyone to name Democratic leadership. (A lot of political people do this while going on show's like Hardball, the O'Reilly Factor, etc. It makes them look like automatons instead of people with ideas to me.) I think the lack of leadership and the lack of positive positions (rather than just negative reactions to Republican positions) are intertwined; I'm not sure if you could say which caused the other...