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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Reconciling NBA and FIBA Rules

People who think that the rules difference between NBA and international basketball is just an excuse haven't really been paying attention. I think that some compromise on rules should occur, to get all the levels of basketball (NBA, College, International) at a mostly consistent rule-set. I'm not interested in making the rules adnantageous for the US, just improving the game of basketball. Here's the way I'd mix up the rules:

From the NBA:

  • Use 3 referees: It's been clear that a 3rd referee helps get rid of dirty play away from the ball, and improves the overall quality of the officiating.
  • Use the NBA 3-point line: the rules shouldn't encourage 3-ptrs. over the 2-pt shot. Maybe a little shorter, but not as short as the International 3 pt. line
  • Allow 6 fouls: Free throws, getting in the penalty are enough punishment. Alternately, call less fouls, which I like less.

From the international game:

  • 40 minute games: The NBA season is long and grueling. Less games means a lot less revenue, but slightly shortened games shouldn't be as bad, as the less time for commericals should be offset by people being more willing to watch whole games. It should also cut down on injuries, and increase drama.
  • The international lane: I think it's an improvement, especially the lack of a restricted area. Discourage players from going to the basket out of control.

There's a lot of other rules differences, but those are the major ones I'd be interested in reconciling.