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Sunday, August 22, 2004

The New Design

Lot's of little changes involved in the redesign. The primary goal was a color change: the red on blue of the "Wheat" design (look for the alternate style-sheet of that name to see it, though some template changes on the Blog have also occurred). Unfortunately, the blue for links I liked so much was a bit hard to see on white. However, I think that bolding all links takes care of that nicely, with the added bonus of making links stand out more. I really like that minor change. A lot of the other color changes are just to add variety.

The other major change was moving the navigation section to the right. This gets it out of the way, so that you can view the content.

Unfortunately, I just got around to checking out how it looked in other browsers. Crap. The navigation section is at the bottom in IE, and it overlaps the content section in Opera. Man. I spent so much time on this already, and now I have to bugfix. I guess that'll have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, check out the page in a Mozilla-based browser, such as Firefox to see how it's supposed to look.