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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

3 Point Shooting

The best 3 point shooter on the US men's basketball team is Richard Jefferson at .364 for last season. The league average .347. The league leaders wer Anthony Peeler, at .482, and Brent Barry at .452. Jefferson, having made only 48 3-pointers, doesn't qualify for the Top 50 list, which cuts off at 50, but he'd have been around 45 or so.

The players on the team shot the 3 ball as following:

3pt % for U.S. Olympic Team Members
Player3-pt. %
Richard Jefferson.364
Shawn Marion.340
Carmelo Anthony.322
Stephon Marbury.321
Dwyane Wade.302
Lamar Odom.298
LeBron James.290
Allen Iverson.286
Amare Stoudemire.200
Tim Dunan.167
Carlos Boozer.167
Emeka OkaforN/A


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