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Sunday, May 30, 2004


I don't know how Tycho and Gabe do it. I get a video game I'm really into, and I can't possibly find time to write anything in my blog about it. Keeping people up to date on a regular basis? Madness...

I took a 4-day weekend last weekend (and with Memorial Day, I get a 3-day this weekend...going back to a full schedule is going to be hell). Diane and I went to blockbuster on Friday to rent some video games. I saw Pokemon coliseum. I remembered the fun Diane and I had playing my little brother's copy of Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64 a few summers ago, so I was interested. But they didn't have it. I rented Wario Ware Inc. for the Gamecube instead.

But, eventually, I couldn't resist. I went to Blockbuster again on Sunday. They still didn't have it. So, on a whim, I just went out and bought the game. And played it non-stop for the rest of the weekend, practically.

The addiction has gotten worse. This weekend, I bought the Gameboy Player, the GAMECUBE Game Boy Advance Cable , and Pokemon Sapphire. Ryan, I'm sorry I ever made fun of you in regards to Pokemon.