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Saturday, April 10, 2004


I've been using Yahoo's "My Yahoo" portal as my front page for a while. Chris Snapp, who I work with, is big on using Yahoo for all his e-mail, contacts, and bookmarks. As he's been exploring more of Yahoo's features, he's pointed them out to me.

So, this weekend I started to expand My Yahoo page. I set up multiple pages instead of just a front page, and explored the Portlets they have available. One that is in Beta now is an RSS portlet. Now, I'd seen this RSS stuff all around, but hadn't really found a use for it. I mean, I didn't want a separate program just to avoid checking on pages that hadn't updated yet. But with a way to have it on a webpage (which also helps make it portable between all my computers), I'm digging it now. I also like that Yahoo's example RSS feed url is for Slashdot. This discovery of RSS also led to get the RSS Reader Panel extension for Mozilla Firefox. One thing that makes Firefox such a useful browser (I'll expound on this more later...)

Anyhow, this RSS stuff, in addition to wanting to have comments available on my blog (in hopes of feeding my ego), is really pushing me now to look for a Blog replacement. Hopefully I'll get on that soon...