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Friday, August 01, 2003


Today, I got married to Diane Lynn Godfrey (now Diane Lynn Godfrey Duncan). In jean shorts and a t-shirt. I'm glad I didn't wear my usual baseball cap today...

It all started when we went to get Diane her ID card. Her certificate of birth abroad arrived, and we thought that was all that was needed to satisfy the new look-like-we're-doing-something-but-really-not rules for identification cards. Unfortunately, her expired passport did not count: it needed to be current. Looking on the list, we see that a marriage license is an acceptable secondary identification piece.

Since I'm about to start a job, and being married will get her covered under my benefits package, we figured we'd go all out and just get married. So we drove over to the courthouse and just got it done. With none of our family there...

Unfortunately, we still can't get her ID card, because we first need to go to Social Security, and get her SSN changed over to her new name. And the lazy bastards close at 3:45 every day, and aren't open on weekends.

So, in all, it's been quite the adventure of a week for me...


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