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Vote Libertarian

The following was submitted to my University's student newspaper, The University Daily Kansan ( The paper finally ran my column.

The other day an opinion article expressed the opinion that because neither of the two "main party" candidates were promising, this election was unexciting, and basically worthless. My immediate thought was why settle for one of those two parties. We have more than two.

And then I read Mike Loader's column today. "Don't be tempted by third parties." And he goes on to mention the Green Party. And vaguely referring to Pat Buchanan and his faction of the Reform party. But what about the largest third party in America? What about the Libertarian Party? The following is from a U.S. Newswire article:

"The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States, with 166 elected office holders -- more than all other third parties combined. Nationwide, there are more than 1,500 Libertarians running for office this year. The Libertarian Party is running candidates in 236 U.S. House seats this year, 18 more than required for a majority, which makes the Libertarian Party the first third party in 80 years to contest a majority of congressional seats.

The Libertarian Party will also become the first third party in more than 100 years to have its presidential ticket on the ballot in every state for three consecutive elections."

Copyright 2000, U.S. Newswire

Certainly voting for Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate would not be worthless. Although it is unlikely to effect the electoral votes issued by the State of Kansas, as Harry Browne said recently in an interview, every vote for him in this election increases the probability of having a Libertarian President in this decade.

Unlike other third party candidates, Harry Browne does not champion a "narrow cause". He has more than either of the two main parties have: a complete political philosophy to support. The Libertarian Party believes in limited government. That means less of the government dictating what you may do. It means less interference with the free market. It means less taxes for real: by spending less, not by deciding to tax a new demographic of our nation. Only the Libertarian Party truly supports the ideas of Freedom and Liberty that we were taught in elementary school is the basis of our nation.

You can learn about what Harry Browne stands for by visiting his web site:

I urge you all to make a real difference. Vote for someone with real values and beliefs. Vote to make a difference. Vote for the Libertarian Party.