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Time is God

Time is god.
Time is infinite.
In Time, all things are possible.
The wonders around us were created through the magnificence of the infinite power of Time.
The fate of each of us is determined by Time.
In Time, we will discover the truth.
Time works in mysterious ways. Humans cannot comprehend the plans of Time.
Time gives us life, and Time takes it away.
When will our life on earth be over? Only Time will tell.
We cannot see Time, but it is always there, watching and shaping our lives.
Time is the invisible force allows for creation and change.
Time is god.

I look around the world, and question: does science, does atheism, take away the awe we should feel at the wondrous and amazing universe? No. It merely places that awe in the right place. The infiniteness of time is truly amazing. And the creation, change, life, and death that comes with it is no less beautiful by attributing it to time, than by attributing it to a mythical being. On the contrary, recognizing it truly is more beautiful, more satisfying, than giving credit where no credit is due.

So remember to honor time, as some do their gods, as the truly remarkable force in life, the universe, and everything.