Stephen’s Statements A little bit of everything from Stephen Duncan Jr, a Software Developer in Portland, Oregon

Interstate 42

I sit, pulled over on the side of the road
with map out, and my path highlighted.

The masses of headless motors pass me by,
as I prepare to join them in traveling onward.

I stop and check my map often,
for I do not wish to become lost.

And so I head off, towards the horizon:
an enchanting, anxious, eternal horizon.

I pull off to the side of the road again,
and I put away my map, and open the door.

I look at the clouds, and study them, and imagine;
I walk among the wildflowers, and look and smell.

I get back in the car, and close my door.
As I continue to drive I think:

What do I know of my destination?
What will I do when I get there?

It is so much easier to take an exit,
following the signs to something clear.

They're only brief excursions, temporary stops.
Only a bit a fun before I do some serious driving.

In the end I'll reach my destination,
if I follow the highlighted path.