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Conversing With a Conservative


Who do you think you are?

Who gave you the right to interfere?

But you're part of it.

It's your fault as much as it is the next man's.

What's wrong with it? Everything!

Why are you arrogant enough to "know" you're right?

Why is what you think better than what I think?

Because there's more of you?

So slavery was right . . .

It's what you said.

Yes, it is.

What's wrong with that? Where's the harm?

But they only hurt themselves. Who do you think you're protecting?

Who are you to say it's worse?

I prefer freedom to prudishness, yes. Why don't you?

No it isn't, ever read the bill of rights?

No, this country was founded on freedom, not imagined values.

Sure, we've messed things up before.

Just because I stutter once, should I then stutter forever?

I think not.

Could you please stop stuttering.