Stephen’s Statements A little bit of everything from Stephen Duncan Jr, a Software Developer in Portland, Oregon

The Coming of Fall

The weather gets colder. The goals, aspirations, and enthusiasm we had at the beginning of the semester get bogged down by the continuous stream of homework and the upcoming midterms. Our focus becomes drudging through homework, getting out of the cold into the room, and making to the next day. Vigor becomes suffocated by the jackets we put on to face the weather in our journey through campus. The wind blows the leaves around our feet, sweeping them away along with our promises to get more done this year than the last. With every drop in the mercury level, our energy drops.

What happened to our high-minded plans? Why did we become complacent? Why are we satisfied with just surviving?

Can we allow ourselves to be bogged down, trudging along, our spirit suffocating?

No! You must rise up over the weather, and press on. Keep the flame of enthusiasm burning. Work towards your goals. Do not let your aspirations die. Do more than make it to the next day. Do not fear the cold - fight it, lest your life be stuck in the same cycle as the seasons.