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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cable Modem Problems

For the last week or so, I’d been having trouble with my internet connection. I would lose my connection to the outside on a regular basis. It seemed to get worse over time. By Monday, it was only up for 2-5 minutes at a time. Each time I would turn off the cable modem and then turn it back on, I would get a connection for a while, and then it would cut out again.

After my third call to Cox Communications, it was explained to me that the Motorola Surfboard SB3100 was way out of date, and not supported anymore. Plus it couldn’t take advantage of the higher speeds I was paying for anyway. So I ordered a new Motorola SB5120 and, voila, my internet connection is reliable once again.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Bloglines Still Not Responsive

…and other feed readers still don’t get the basic features right. What’s a heavy reader of feeds to do?

This promise regarding Atom 1.0 support has gone totally unhonored. I can think of no meaning of “as soon as possible” that means you can’t get a simple case that other aggregators handle correctly in almost 5 months.

While this comment shows that they are still alive at Bloglines, that’s a long time in coming. It may have been somewhat triggered by this, but it seems that some of the problems there are probably still open.

But the biggest problem is that their general unresponsiveness and lack of timely fixes has led to speculative posts such as this. How can a company built around blogging be so bad at communicating?