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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Character Traits

Despite my misuse of the term in this post, I don't frequently participate in "memes". But this one from Jason seems like a good one. Basically, I selected adjectives describing my personality traits, and now you will select them too, and we can compare the overlap or lack thereof. Without further ado, here's the more-or-less positive list, and here is the mostly negative list. Please take the time to fill it out if you know me, as the number of synonyms requires a large sample size to get any useful aggregation of results...


Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Scoble asks Why don't you use a memetracker?. Check out the comments, as I agree with most of the answers. Summary: not enough new stuff, not a useful format, and, finally, why would I?

What would a useful "Memetracker" look like? First, it will have to integrate with my feed-reader/aggregator (do we have a single agreed upon name for this yet?) data. That way you can exclude the stuff I already know about. Plus you could tailor it to be interesting to me. Bloglines could pull this off, as could any other aggregator that centrally stores feed-reading data. Or, if attention or some other feed-reading-data-sharing mechanism were available, it could be done by a third party.

Second, it would be provided primarily as another feed. Not having to go out to another website and hitting refresh over-and-over is exactly the reason we love RSS and Atom so much.

So, what I'd want is an Atom feed of new items that I have neither read yet, nor have I read anything that linked to it yet. I want to see a summary of the main content, and possibly some links to the most interesting commentary on the item. An algorithm to determine interestingness like Flickr does would be the killer feature. A combination of popularity and making sure it includes some significant commentary instead of just being a another quote-and-link would be a good starting point. And, of course, I want "interestingness" to be somewhat based on what I already read, so that I can get more Java and less Microsoft, more economics and constitutional law and less party politics, and soccer and basketball, instead of just technology and politics.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gmail + Google Talk


Google is starting to integrate its Google Talk application with Gmail. Right now it's just the ability to centrally store your chat logs, but it promises web-based chat to come. I'm excited!